Gradual property tax relief benefits everyone

This two-sentence petition only slows the growth of City revenue, without cutting it one actual dollar. It won't force any true "cuts" on City Hall in year-to-year revenue or programs. It applies ONLY to City property tax, not to schools, library, county, etc. It says the current property tax, about 4.27 mills, must phase out annually, to 3 mills, 2 mills, 1 mill, and then zero, BUT ONLY if City total revenue continues to grow AT LEAST $2 million more than that property tax relief.

Our attorney should serve us, not protect them.

Compare our situation with other state and local government attorneys. The state has a chief prosecutor, the Attorney General, paid about $87,000. We elect him or her at state general elections. The county has a chief prosecutor, the District Attorney, paid about the same. We also elect that person at state general elections. State general elections have a lower cost per voter for a higher turnout. That's why we should move City elections to November.